Development of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) based Smart Robotic Warehouse Management System for Industry 4.0

: ITS/275/16FX

According to data of Census and Statistics Department, freight transport and storage services contributed to 90% of the employment of logistics sector in the period from 2010 to 2014. Traditional warehouse operations in Hong Kong are labor-intensive without much automation. With the rapid increasing transaction volume through multi-channel, the preference for next-day delivery service has been increasing. As a result, 3rd party logistics providers have realized the importance of operational efficiency. With the advent of Industry 4.0 emerging technologies including Autonomous Robots, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cloud Computing, etc, a smart robotic warehouse management system is proposed as it redefines the warehouse putaway and picking operations from man-to-goods to goods-to-man using autonomous mobile robots. This project aims to develop and implement an IIoT-based smart robotic warehouse system for managing goods and autonomous robots, as well as to make use of the autonomous mobile robots to deliver the goods automatically for putaway and picking operations. The significance of the project is to leverage the Industry 4.0 emerging technologies to implement the concept of smart warehousing for better utilization of floor space and labor force so as to improve logistics operational efficiency.

: HKD $ 5.055M
: 1 APR 2017 - 31 MAR 2019

Energy, Environment and Safety Cloud Applications (EES-Cloud) for Smart Cities

: ITS/161/13FX

The age of cloud computing should offer people better ways to access to, connect with and make use of digital information. The diversities of device and data formats should never be an obstacle to its growth and application, but the catalysts for quality of life, and the contributors of a smart city. The construction of a smart city depends heavily on the development of cloud computing and cloud-based platform because the status and strategy of city development to be acquired from vast amount of heterogeneous data. The collection and subsequent analysis of various data including technology, infrastructure, energy and living, should be done. The technologies of cloud computing and vast amount of data not only contribute to the establishment of smart city, but also benefit environmental protection, hygiene, scientific research, industry, and the well-being of the society.

: HKD $ 8.49M
: 1 APR 2014 - 30 SEP 2016

Development and Implementation of an Advanced Automobile Parking Navigation Platform

: ITS/043/11FX

This project aims to develop and implement an Advanced Automobile Parking Navigation Platform and the related hardware and software, through integration of different technologies, such as RFID, WSAN, NFC, IoT and Cloud Computing. On completion of this project, a cost effective approach for automobile parking will be developed and implemented to enhance the effectiveness of parking spaces utilization and to improve management of the related services.

: HKD $ 3.917M
: 1 MAY 2012 - 31 OCT 2014

Development and Implementation of an RFID-based Solution and an Intelligent eSecurity Device for Physical Asset, Container and Fleet Management

: GHX/002/07SZ

This project aims to develop an intelligent eSecurity device and the related software modules and middleware, through integration of different logistics enabling technologies, such as RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, wireless network and sensors. This device can be applied in different applications especially in e-seal, cargo control and physical asset management. In additional, an intelligent eSecurity device based software package will be developed for information exchange and automation management. The software will have the capability to connect with public information sharing platforms such as On Board Truck Information System (OBTIS) to share real time logistics and physical asset information. On completion of this project, a cost effective and extensible intelligent eSecurity device and its related management system will be made available to improve logistics automations and achieve real time event reporting, management, analysis, and resource optimization.

: HKD $ 3.75M
: 1 APR 2008 - 30 SEP 2010

Development of RFID-based Business Solutions for Counterfeit Prevention, Physical Asset Management (PAM) and Commercial Applications

: GHS/091/04

This project is focused on the development of commercial applications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in counterfeit prevention and physical asset management. These applications involve the tracking and manipulation of data carried by RFID tags. In the anti-counterfeit applications, a cost effective package will be developed for both manufacturers and retailers, which includes RFID readers and middleware for use in high-value-added products such as pharmaceutical products, garments and cosmetics. An RFID-enabled Point-of-Sale (POS) system supported by the EPC (Electronic Product Code) network will also be developed. The RFID technologies can also be used for tracking the mobile physical assets of companies. The data stored in the tag together with the appropriate sensors embedded in expensive equipment, machines, or other physical assets can be used for condition monitoring and fault prognosis.

: HKD $ 5.5M
: 1 MAY 2005 - 31 OCT 2007